Japan Revisited / Cultural Forum Tokyo

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The cultural exchange between Austria and Japan, which has existed for more than 150 years, is facing new challenges. As an impulse to further engage in the encounter and to deal with Japan artistically, the Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo has created the platform #JapanRevisited202x: then-now-after.

Artists from Austria are invited to contribute to the curated online platform, regardless of whether they currently live in Japan, have spent time in Japan in the past, or for them Japan exists only in the distance and in their imagination. Selected contributions will be shown in the online exhibition on the #JapanRevisited202x website from September to November 2020 and then in an exhibition in Tokyo in 2021.

Do we have to physically enter a place to experience it? Where are my experiences with and memories of Japan located in the field of tension between reality and imagination? In what form can I imagine a Japan of the future? Submit your work now and make it possible to (re)visit Japan between reality, nostalgia, experience and imagination and to understand and discover it anew.

Closing Date 15.08.2020 japanrevisited.at