Cultural Forums

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The agendas of international culture are conceptually and organisationally shaped and supervised by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. The network of currently 30 Austrian Cultural Forums in a total of 28 countries plays an important role in their practical implementation. Each year, these forums organise and supervise a large part of the approximately 6,000 cultural and scientific projects presented in the International Cultural Network at many locations around the world.

It is about building and maintaining meaningful cultural bridges to the world. The work focuses on contemporary and creative work from Austria in culture and science. Austrian Cultural Forums are thus decentralised focal points of Austrian cultural work abroad (“Embassies for Culture”).

They develop locally coordinated programmes and projects with creative artists and cultural institutions from the fields of culture and science in their respective host countries – and they also act as service points for Austrian creative artists and scientists and support them in their efforts to establish contacts and networks in and abroad.