#newtogether Art and society after the pandemic / Cultural Forum Bucharest

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We know what it is now, but what will we do afterwards? We are witnessing the proof just now that the entire cultural sector – in Romania, in Europe and around the world – is one of the areas most affected by the current pandemic. It is said that everything will look different, but what and how can it all change?

In this context, the Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest, in collaboration with Radio Romania Cultural, invites Austrian and Romanian artists to reflect on how their art, our communities and societies could be changed by this exceptional situation in the framework of the project #newTogether, starting on 7 April. Through short video clips, #newTogether brings together important names from the Romanian art scene who will engage in an original virtual dialogue with industry representatives from the Austrian cultural world – without forgetting those who live and work in both countries.

The videos can be viewed on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Austrian Cultural Forum and Radio Romania Cultural. The invited artists reacted very openly to the initiative of the Cultural Forum and reflect on the impact of this experience on their own field of activity. They will talk about the limits of the gigantic virtual cultural experiment we are experiencing, and in particular about what our community will look like and how we will (still) be together after the pandemic.

The project #newTogether is not a glimpse into a crystal ball, but is intended to provide a starting point for reflection and debate on the rethinking of the cultural sector after this “stop” moment, on its relations with the audience and society in general. Starting from this paradox that has changed our existence in recent times – being together from a distance (even in close connection).

The ideas expressed in the #newTogether project serve as a starting point for a comprehensive project “Light up your future, light up your sociey. Visions for a new Together”, which the Austrian Cultural Forum will organise this autumn in Timisoara as part of the preparations for the European Capital of Culture Timisoara 2021. The project will be realized in cooperation with the National Theatre “Mihai Eminescu”, the Jecza Gallery, the Austrian Library of the Western University and other important cultural actors.

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