SchreibArt Austria

The aim of the BMEIA’s literature recommendation programme, schreibART AUSTRIA, schreibART AUSTRIA 2 and schreibART AUSTRIA 3 is to introduce a new generation of authors from Austria to a broad international audience. The network of international culture with its 30 cultural forums, 89 embassies and consulates-general is intended to act as a bridge to make it easier for creative people to participate in international cultural dialogue. In the field of contemporary literature, the 65 Austria Libraries worldwide are of particular importance.

The success of the recommendation programme for musicians, “The New Austrian Sound of Music”, which was launched in 2002, has now led to this further step in presenting modern Austrian literary creation. With the support of experts from the Austrian literary scene, Austrian authors from the fields of prose, poetry and drama were selected to provide a remarkable cross-section of contemporary literary creation.


schreibART AUSTRIA 2

schreibART AUSTRIA 3

Schreibart online Gespräche und Lesungen in der Gesellschaft für Literatur: