EUROPEAN LITERATURE DAYS 2020 / Cultural Forum New York

European authors present their works translated into English

From 16 to 20 November, five contemporary authors from Austria, Malta, Italy, the Czech Republic and Romania will present their new publications in English translation on the Internet radio station “Trafika Europe” daily at 8 pm CET.
The European Literature Days New York City are a cooperation of the EUNIC cluster NYC and are organized by Trafika Europe together with the Austrian Cultural Forum New York, the Arts Council Malta in NYC, the Italian Cultural Institute New York, the Czech Center and the Romanian Cultural Institute.
On November 19, the Viennese author Anna Goldenberg will discuss with her US-American translator Alta Price the English version of “Hidden Years” (Zsolnay Verlag, 2018), which was published in June as “I Belong to Vienna” by New Vessel Press in New York.
The podcasts can be accessed via the ÖKF New York website or this link.