36th International Fadjr Music Festival / Tehran Cultural Forum

Virtual/present international music festival

New Austrian Sound of Music, i.e. NASOM Pop and NASOM World Music will be back on the (virtual) stage of this year’s 36th International Fadjr Music Festival from February 16 to 21, 2021. The two Austrian NASOM groups Sain Mus and Duo Madalena will perform at the invitation of the Austrian Cultural Forum Tehran as one of a few European bands in the framework of the International Fadjr Music Festival at the end of the year of the Persian fourteenth century (1399). In cooperation with the Roudaki Foundation, Franz Oberthaler (clarinet, saxophone, vocals) and Nikola Zarić (accordion and vocals), Duo Madalena, as well as Philipp Erasmus (guitar, electronics) and Clemens Sainnitzer (cello, electronics), Sain Mus will perform in Iran and present themselves in a contemporary way to the music-loving young Iranian audience.

From February 16 to 21, 2021, the virtual/present Iranian and international concerts of the 36th Fadjr International Music Festival will be broadcast at Roudaki Hall in Tehran.