Imperium Romanum 2005-2020 /Cultural Forum Milan

Alfred Seiland at the Brescia Photo Festival 2021

Imperium Romanum 2005 -2020 is a large photo-documentary project – conceptual, temporal and spatial – that explores the roots and interconnections of European and Mediterranean cultures and must be seen and interpreted against the background of current, political developments.
With 136 large-format color photographs, it is the main exhibition of the Brescia Photo Festival 2021 and the first retrospective of Austrian photographer Alfred Seiland in Italy. Alfred Seiland is one of the first pioneers of color photography in Austria.

What started as an interesting commissioned work for the New York Times Magazine – he was supposed to accompany the filming of the HBO series “Rome” in Cinecittà at that time – became a long-term photo-documentary preoccupation with the legacies and effects of Roman culture, architecture and art in the 21st century.
With the help of his perfect, sometimes ironic composition of images and colors, Seiland fixes Roman buildings, landscapes and art objects in the mirror of the present time, using them as starting points for his profound visual documentation and interpretation of Roman culture.

Exhibition 26.3.2021-18.07.2021, – Museo di Santa Giulia, Brescia