RE-POSE / Cultural Forum Bratislava

Exhibition by Lisa Wolf

Digital tour from March 10 – April 23, 2021 on the YouTube channel of the Austrian Cultural Forum Bratislava.

The installation explores the curiosity of digital spaces in our everyday life. Visitors move in an analog interpretation of a digital space as it is otherwise experienced with video conferencing software.

Digital space has transformed into our new public space. With preset backgrounds, the software provides a tool that allows us to customize the appearance of our digital space. The new public space is a mask placed on our old private space. It’s tacky, flawed, and blurry. The flawed filters strangely blend foreground and background, overlapping still and moving objects. Bizarre things happen in this new public space: sometimes the person performing is missing an arm, other times a cat appears out of nowhere; the new public space hosts broken body parts and distorted objects. The exhibition transforms this digital public space into an analog experience. The conceived space inverts the experience of a video conference.

In the exhibition, on the other hand, visitors can move around freely and it is only through their movement that the space and the objects are fully grasped in their three-dimensionality. In the digital space, the objects are dismantled and projected onto the screen. Private details are obscured by the backdrop. The objects in the exhibition are reminiscent of household objects that have been alienated as if in digital space. However, visitors can explore them from any perspective. There is no limitation in resolution by the computer monitor. Visitors decide on the viewing distance and the details that the objects should reveal.