Aldina Topcagic – „Couch me!“ / Cultural Forum Paris

The sofa as the center of the universe

Aldina Topcagic – contemporary performer, choreographer and director of the cultural association Art Alive – created the performance “couch me!” in collaboration with filmmaker Dieter M. Grohmann and dancer and choreographer Cruz Isael Mata Rojas. This short film thematizes the time of lockdown, when the sofa proves to be an indispensable part of every home.
Only a few weeks after the creation of the project, initiated and supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Paris, the short film has already been nominated and awarded by several film festivals around the world (Global Film Festival Awards Los Angeles, Hollywood International Golden Age Festival New York etc.).

Between 13.01. and 21.02.2021, the film was available for the public to see on the social media channels of the Austrian Cultural Forum. The teaser for the film is still available on the YouTube channel of the Cultural Forum.