Roots and Perspectives / Cultural Forum Bratislava

Jörg Ulrich Krah, violoncello Bernhard Parz, piano

Digital Concert
Roots and Perspectives
Jörg Ulrich Krah, violoncello
Bernhard Parz, piano
From April 30, 2021, 18.00
YouTube channel of the Austrian Cultural Forum Bratislava
In their program “Roots and Perspectives,” cellist Jörg Ulrich Krah and pianist Bernhard Parz combine Beethoven’s A major Sonata, one of the central works of the duo repertoire for cello and piano, with the most diverse musical approaches of the 20th and 21st centuries. The two temporal cornerstones of the program come from the two artists’ current CD production, on which all of Ludwig van Beethoven’s cello sonatas are juxtaposed with three contemporary works by Georg Katzer. Both works refer to musical developments before, but at the same time are progressively forward-looking.
The regent of 2021 Astor Piazzolla revolutionized the Argentine tango in his life’s work. He also refers to the past, but dresses it in new colors. “Le Grand Tango” was written as an original work for the instrumentation of violoncello and piano, commissioned by the great cellist Mstislav Rostropovich.
Martinůs “Variations on a Slovak Theme,” like the works of Katzer and Piazzolla, are late works.
Place of recording: showroom, Bösendorfer factory Wiener Neustadt.

Bohuslav Martinů: Variations on a Slovak Theme.
Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata in A major op. 69, 1st movement
Georg Katzer: Postscript to B. 1
Astor Piazzolla: Le Grand Tango