Bad RagARTz – Open Air Exhibition / Cultural Forum Bern

8th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture in Bad Ragaz and Valens

Every three years, the spa town of Bad Ragaz is transformed into the largest sculpture park in Europe. Since 2000, the physician Rolf Hohmeister and his wife Esther have organized this mammoth event on a purely private initiative. Several hundred works of art by around seventy artists from all countries are spread around the town and the surrounding area. In 2021 Bad Ragaz will experience another highlight with the participation of the Austrian artist Alfred Bradler, whose SAPRI sculptures will be an essential part of this open-air exhibition. The spirited, courageous and positive cult figures are already in many cities around the world. Twelve rennSAPRI sculptures by the Austrian artist will show visitors the way at Bad RagARTz 2021 from May 8 to October 31, 2021, from the train station to the center of Bad Ragaz, right into the heart of the art action.