„Grenzfälle“ / Cultural Forum Bucharest

Robert Menasse at the borders of the EU

Robert Menasse Grenzuebergang Sopron *** Local Caption *** Robert Menasse

On the occasion of Europe Day on May 9, the Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest and the Austrian Embassy Chisinau present the Romanian and Moldovan premiere, respectively, of the documentary film “Grenzfälle” (Border Cases), in which filmmaker Kurt Langbein and author Robert Menasse jointly travel the borders of Austria and the EU and document how borders have shaped people’s lives, or continue to do so today. “Grenzfälle” is about borders as political realities that have returned to the consciousness of Europeans since the outbreak of the pandemic, but also about the multi-layered metaphorical meaning of the term border. The film will be available with Romanian subtitles on the website of the Cultural Forum Bucharest from May 8 to May 14, 2021 and Russian and Romanian subtitles on the website of the Public Library Chisinau during the European Film and Culture Festival in the Republic of Moldova from May 16 to 31, 2021. The film project will be medially supported by the respective EU representations on site.