Lukas Schiemer “The streamer´s guide to the galaxy”: Season I – Episode II

Joint project of the Cultural Forums New Delhi, Mexico, New York and Washington

A walking musician (Lukas Schiemer) pushes a strange cart loaded with various instruments through the room. He creates a live soundtrack for the moving image, which is filmed by a 360° camera. In a series of videos released by the New York, Washington, Mexico, and New Delhi Cultural Forums, the audience is given access to musical virtual tours of extraordinary cultural sites in Austria via 360-degree videos that allow viewers to change perspectives individually! The first video was made at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna in March 2021, and now the second video, frish from the Vienna Secession, is here. This time, in order to capture Gustav Klimt’s famous Beethoven Frieze in detail, the artist used a fishing rod and helium balloons to lift the 360° camera into the air!