Virtual Concert Hall Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Due to the Corona crisis, many concert appearances were cancelled internationally and many musicians were deprived of the opportunity to perform. The Viennese NASOM violinist Daniel Auner then initiated a platform to give artists the opportunity to realize concerts digitally. This platform offers concerts by musicians of all genres that can be attended on fixed dates for a fee via YouTube. Austrian cultural forums and embassies are provided with the use of specifically selected concerts. The concert would be available via YouTube at the time of the virtual event and for seven days afterwards by the guests of the cultural forums and embassies. The duration of the concerts is approximately 40 minutes.

Giving Austrian musicians the opportunity to prove themselves and make a name for themselves outside their home country – this is precisely the idea behind “The New Austrian Sound of Music” (NASOM), a young talent promotion program run by the Austrian Foreign Ministry together with mica-music austria. The program represents an important start-up aid for young aspiring musicians on their way to international careers. For the seventh edition of “The New Austrian Sound of Music”, 25 ensembles or musicians were selected by a jury of experts in the genres of classical music, jazz, world music, new music and pop/electronic music for the years 2020/2021.

The International Cultural Affairs Section of the Austrian Foreign Ministry supports the digital concert hall through the participation of NASOM artists.

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