GENDER & POWER / Cultural Forum New Delhi

Final of the Indian-Austrian Digital Art Project

As part of an Indo-Austrian project, Linz-based media artist Marlene REISCHL and Delhi-based artist Chavi ASRANI each produced a digital work on the theme GENDER & POWER. The two documented their work in the form of short videos that were published weekly on the channels of the Austrian Cultural Forum New Delhi on social media. In this way, followers were able to follow the creation of the two works step by step. Marlene Reischl’s work is dedicated to the contrast between human biological foundations and their identity through geometric representation, while Chavi Asrani’s work focuses on the Hindu god Ardhanarishwara (the name for the god Shiva, who forms a figure together with his consort Parvati, which is an expression of the fact that one gender is not complete without the other).

The finale of the project is scheduled for June 16, 2021 at 2:30 pm (IST), where the finished works of the two artists will be presented. The event will be moderated by Alka Pande, an Indian curator, art critic and writer.