FOR THE CHILD / Cultural Forum London

Stories of the Kindertransport

The Austrian Cultural Forum London opens its doors again and deals with the exhibition “For the Child/ Für das Kind” with the Kindertransports to Great Britain. The Kindertransports enabled over 10,000 children (including 4,000 Austrian children) between the ages of three months and 17 years, who were considered “Jewish” according to the Nuremberg Laws, to leave Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland for Great Britain between the end of November 1938 (a few days after the November Pogrom) and September 1, 1939 (the beginning of World War II), and to escape persecution by the National Socialists.
In the exhibition “For the Child/ Für das Kind,” curators Rosie Potter and Patricia Ayre shed light on the arrival and fate of those affected through a series of photographic still lifes depicting those things the children took with them when they were forced to leave their home countries and families.
“For the Child/ Für das Kind” is shown in cooperation with Milli Segal, founder of the first Kindertransportmuseum.