Potentiality of the Unnecessary / Cultural Forum Brussels

Movement performance by Mimi Wascher and Paul Möstl

In their performance “Potentiality of the Unnecessary” (PotU), dancer Mimi Wascher and philosophical practitioner Paul Möstl explore the limitations and hidden possibilities of movement in urban public space. To what extent is it possible to free ourselves from the standardized trajectories and predetermined, purpose-oriented patterns of movement and enter into playful resonance with the urban environment? “Potentiality of the Unnecessary” invites viewers to consider the material, architectural, and social conditions of urban movement from a mode of perception on this side of everyday stress. Through different movement qualities of the performers and their relationship to music and environment, these conditions will be made visible, contrasted and questioned.
Accompanied by a live set of the Belgian musician Céline Gillain via online stream of Kiosk.Radio, the performance starts at two different starting points in the city center. The audience chooses which of the two performers they want to follow through the streets of Brussels: the two groups are initially connected only through the virtual space of the online radio, which they can enter with their headphones, until finally everyone – the audience, the performers and the music – meet in person at the Parc Royal for the final part of the performance.
More info: PotU
03.06..2021, 15:00 – 16:00
Starting point : Place d’Espange or Place St. Jean

No ticket reservation necessary!
To bring: Smartphone + headphones