Europe Weeks in Albania / Embassy Tirana

Online concert with "AUREUM Saxophone Quartet" in Gjirokastra

For the first time, Europe Weeks were held in Albania from May 9 to 29, 2021, during which the EU ambassador, accompanied by ambassadors of the EU member states for days at a time, made countless contacts with the population in 24 municipalities (from the north to the south), especially also in schools and universities with the youth. The activities, under the motto #EuropeIsHere, were also used to present 52 projects implemented by the EU or its member states on the ground.

During visits to the north (Tropoja, Has, Mirdita) and south, the Austrian Embassy in Tirana presented ADC and EU-funded projects on regional development and water management. The online concertAUREUM Saxophone Quartet” enjoyed great popularity on 25 May in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Gjirokastra in a picturesque outdoor setting, where the traveling exhibition “Architecture in Salzburg” was also shown.