Festival du Film d’Aubagne / Cultural Forum Paris

Austrian film contributions "Lovecut"- "Freischwimmer" - "FABIU

Festival du Film d’Aubagne – Music & Cinéma from June 7th until 12th, 2021

After the Aubagne Film Festival 2020 was exclusively online, it has succeeded in 2021 to carry out the first part of the festival in live. The three Austrian films invited to participate in the 2021 festival will benefit from this. These are the debut film “Lovecut” by the two directors Iliana Estañol and Johanna Lietha. the short feature film “Freischwimmer” by Mathias Lerchbaum and “FABIU”, also a short feature film by Stefan Langthaler.
Austrian film is becoming increasingly important in France. It is quite possible that a film prize will be awarded to one of the three films presented.