„Gudrun Kampl: Freud Dancing“ / Cultural Forum Beijing

Curated by Dr. Alexandra Grimmer

Cultural Forum/OSTA Beijing presents an exhibition of Austrian artist Gudrun Kampl curated by Alexandra Grimmer from June 8, 2021 – June 10, 2021 in Shanghai/China.
Love on Terrace will show works by Austrian artist Gudrun Kampl, born in 1964, from June 8, 2021. No one else could fulfill the current task of the mirrored room, around “Love and Desire” better than the Vienna-based artist. In her works, she cultivates a refined, playful approach to themes of Sigmund Freud or Adolf Loos that are laden with long tradition. Sensuality and ornamentation are transformed by Kampl into an ironic, feminine interpretation and formally reversed into their opposite.
At first glance, the former graduate of Maria Lassnig’s painting class has not retained many aspects of the profession she learned.
Love on Terrace is a young label founded in 2019 by entrepreneur and art collector Juliet Peng Wenjing. Juliet Peng Wenjing spanned her selection of works across a broad spectrum of Kampl’s oeuvre over the past 10 years.
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