Chambre Double / Cultural Forum Paris

"The Submarine" Leander Schönweger

Leander Schönweger’s “The Submarine” is his first exhibition in France.
The space Leander Schönweger builds for this first exhibition in France in the almost invisible “Small Gallery” is also about experiencing a mental space that opens on the threshold of the perceptible and the invisible. By creating an in situ architecture entitled The Submarine (2021), the artist invites visitors to experience a mutable and perceptible experience, both physical and mental, a double interior space, so to speak.
An experience anchored primarily in the staging and tension of somewhat outdated objects associated with the world of the kitchen – a true counterpart to space as the center of our everyday lives. In an alien-tinged form of familiarity, sinks and dishes meet here and there, fragmentary and ghostly, animated by elaborate games of shadows and neon lights, but also by strange vibrations that seem to come from the space itself. Visual and sonic stimuli that awaken both the senses and the memory of visitors between personal and collective experiences.