Purple is the Color / Cultural Forum Warsaw

Performances in Warsaw and Krakow

Purple is the Color, one of the leading representatives of the young Austrian jazz scene, will perform in Warsaw at the Old Town Jazz Festival and in Krakow as part of the Summer Jazz Festival. The four musicians, united around bandleader Simon Raab, will present their new album EPIC, released this spring by the Viennese cult label Session Work Records.
After the huge success of their debut Unmasked, the standard the quartet set for themselves was a very high one. And with EPIC, Purple is the Color has indeed succeeded in taking the next step in its development. The fact that this time their colleagues Štěpán Flagar, Martin Kocián and Michał Wierzgoń have also contributed compositions makes the combo seem even more vital than on the previous album. Regardless of whether it’s a timeless epic of sound or an unconditional commitment to the diversity of jazz postmodernism – on the new album, the four musicians playfully succeed in achieving a synthesis that will surely be greatly appreciated by the interested Polish audience.